Biggest Loser

Weight Loss Challenge

What do you have to lose?


Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge 
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The Biggest challenge about managing your weight is keeping and staying motivated. The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge is a Fun and Inspiring way to achieving your weight loss goals. During the weekly meetings, you will meet like minded people, ranging from first-timers to those who participated in multiple Challenges. Through mutual goals, people inspire and support each other to weigh less.
sms FIND WLC (+name, email) to 45633 @ R1-50
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Are you South Africa's next Biggest Loser ?
 15% is weight loss, 10 % is centimeter loss and 75 % is Body Fat % loss per individual - Sooo every body stand a chance to win - Just be with the 12 week program, do NOT Cheat, set your goal to it - even if you do not win, you " will LIKE HOW IT FEELS " to be you again. refer and 
sms 45633 with the word FIND    WLC  (+Name, Email)  at R1,50 / sms.

Do you know your Body Fat?

Do you know your Water intake?

Do you know your Muscle mass?

Do you know your metabolic age?

Do you know your Bone mass?

Do you know your Visceral fat?


If yes - DO you know what the correct amount of each of these above are?

We as Weight Loss Coaches are there to assist you step by step through your 12 weeks during the challenge and we stay there to assist and point out the correct options for your desired outcomes.

We are hosting a Brand New 90 Day Biggest Loser Weight Loss Challenge -  make sure you are joining this event
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